The Gospel of Caesar


The DIVVS·IVLIVS blog is currently linking to the dubbed and subtitled English, Spanish and Dutch versions of Het Evangelie van Caesar (The Gospel of Caesar, El Evangelio de César). It is the documentary feature film on Francesco Carotta’s scientific discovery that the historical Jesus was Julius Caesar. The film was produced and directed by Jan van Friesland, a renowned Dutch television journalist who is currently editor-in-chief at Omrop Fryslân.

Here’s a three minute excerpt from the beginning of the film:

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1. The Gospel of Caesar

The three versions of the film are available for download here. Due to third-party licensing contracts, the film is currently not available as VoD to the public via this blog. But if you are a historian, an archaeologist, a professional reviewer, a director of programming for festivals or television, a film distributor, DVD producer, history student etc. and have an interest in seeing the film, you will receive an access password from us, after you have posted your download request in the comment section below. This comment will not be published, but you need to enter your real name and work e-mail address, so the copyright holders can verify your identity and contact you. (Although we would love to make the film freely available to everyone, requests for private use will in all likelihood be ignored.) Please make sure to also include the reason for your download request (e.g. research, review, licensing etc.) and a reference to your credentials, for example links to your company’s or employer’s website, your IMDb entry, your published film reviews etc. No download restrictions at the moment.

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2. O.S.T. The Gospel of Caesar

film music composed by Arne Eickenberg

• “XV · PYRA” (track 16) based on Pange Lingua Gloriosi Proelium Certaminis written by Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus • “XVIII · LIBERALIA · III POMPA” (track 19) contains excerpts from an audio recording of the Good Friday rituals performed by the wailing women of Bercianos de Aliste, Spain • “XIX · SVMMVS PONTIFEX” (track 20) partially based on “Sanctus et Benedictus” from Missa Nasce la Gioja Mia composed by Giovanni Pietro Aloisio Sante da Palestrina

Courtesy of Verklangwelt© ℗ Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

3. Interview

Below is an interview with Francesco Carotta on the film, published in the 2008 Leids Film Festival program.

4. Analysis

Below you can also read a scientific analysis of the film that was the main topic of a Dutch graduation thesis.